Harvesting Nature’s Best Wild Breakfast Recipes

What’s better than a big hot breakfast or brunch on the weekend? A big WILD breakfast or brunch!

Here at Harvesting Nature, we take breakfast seriously and the incredible breakfast recipe contributions from our field staff writers show that. From wild fruits and nuts, to big game, to waterfowl, to foraged plants, to wild turkey, and even fish, we’ve got your breakfast covered.

Here are 17 of our very best wild breakfast recipes!

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Wild Raspberry

C. Jodlowsk’s Wild Raspberry Pancakes

Lindsey Bartosh’s Trout Eggs Benedict

Gunnar Emberg’s Venison and Wild Leek Hash

Adam Berkelmans’ Senegalese Goose Leg Ndambe

Dustyn Carroll’s Savory Oats with Venison

Shawn West’s Wild Turkey Eggs Benedict

Justin Townsend’s Venison Heart Hash

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