Podcast Episode 177: Snow Goose Culinary Hunting Camp

Justin and Adam chat with all the attendees of our Snow Goose Culinary Camp. They discuss the hunting, the butcher, the cooking, and the eating throughout the whole weekend. They each share their own personal experiences of why they attended camp and what the outcome was.  

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Show Notes:

A similar model to our Pig Camp

Food and conservation-focused

Snow Geese are smaller than Canada Goose

Thin skin, no plucking

Eating Geese the whole time

Shooting, Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Geese

Skeet Shooting

Day 1 Hunting

Snacks in the Blind

Extended Tubes

Huge amounts of birds

Italian Style Chicago Sandwich

Snow Goose is Edible!!!

Butchering Class

Hank Shaw’s Book – Duck, Duck, Goose

Cooking Class: Swedish Meatballs

Wine Pairing

Warm Cocktail 

Frost on Decoys

Good Bird

Dinner Day 1.5

Goose Burgers 

Hor d’oeuvres

Harvesting Nature Waterfowl Blend

Dinner Day 2

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