Podcast Episode 175: Don’t Kill it Twice – Best Methods for Cooling Down Wild Game Meat

In this episode, Justin and Adam Steele dispel the myths of soaking wild game in ice water, a common practice among hunters across North America. They discuss the proper methods for cold storage, cold shortening, bacteria in water, bone sour, and so much more!

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Show Notes:

Coolers are really good these days

Side-by-side comparison

Rumors of meat soaking

Cold shortening 

Brining vs. soaking in water

What do you do with the white part of the meat after soaking?

No good steaks without trimming

Bacteria in the water

Safe temperatures for meat storage

Bone sour

Working with wet meat vs dry meat

Alternatives to soaking in water

Hanging outside

Ice barrier method

Milk jug method

Homemade walk-in cooler

Dry ager

Renting space in meat lockers when traveling

Wet aging

Time for dry aging

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