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Retro Recipes: The Best Beer Battered Fish and Chips… Ever!

Founder and Editor-in-Chief Justin Townsend created this beautiful beer-battered fish and chips recipe back in 2015 and we thought it deserved to spend a little more time in the spotlight!

This is just in time for Friday Fish Fry Day.

“Friday Fish Fry Day is celebrated on the first Friday of Lent every year and takes place on February 16 this year. It’s a day celebrated primarily in the Midwest, but anyone in the United States can celebrate this all-American tradition as they please. Friday Fish Fry Day is a time for friends and families to gather in their favorite restaurants, whether fast food joints or pubs, to enjoy their favorite piece of fried fish over a couple of rounds of beer. It’s a day for bonding over sumptuous food and good conversations and a great opportunity to support your local fishing community and food establishments.

The tradition was started by German Catholic settlers who came to Wisconsin in the 19th century. At the time, the Church was strict and only allowed Catholics to consume fish — not just for Lent but every Friday of the year! This was quickly adopted by Wisconsin locals, who started finding creative ways to serve their fish. Fried fish became popular because it was both easy to prepare and delicious.

Other than Lent, Friday fish nights became a cultural tradition in Wisconsin because of beer. Breweries like Blatz, Miller, Pabst, and Schlitz were based in Wisconsin. Not only does fried fish go well with beer, but beer-battered fish fry also became a popular way to coat the fish. In the 1920s, fishing became a rising industry in the state.

The first annual Friday Fish Fry Day took place on February 19, 2021, and was organized by Wisconsin local and fish enthusiast Caleb Westphal.” – National Today

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