Podcast Episode 174: Venison Queso Dip and How The Super Bowl Became the American Snack Food Dream

Finding ways to sneak wild game into game day dishes can be challenging. On game day, most people want glutinous, fatty, cheesy dishes that they don’t eat during the week. 

Wild game doesn’t tend to work well in those types of preparations, but here I’ve created the best of both worlds – a venison queso that is cheesy, creamy, silky, flavorful, and uses wild game!

A good queso is hard to achieve using “healthy” ingredients. Anyone who knows good queso will tell you that. But, hey, everything in moderation, right?

I’ll tell you now though, you won’t be able to stop eating this stuff. This queso will be plenty flavorful as well; if not, then it needs salt, not more taco seasoning. 

Add salt until it’s as flavorful as you want it. I’m generally closer to 1.5 to 2 tbsp salt when I make this dish. Pre-cubing your Velveeta cheese will help it melt in faster. When it cools, it’s not a rock-solid hunk of cheese and when you reheat it, it heats up just fine too. No fat separation, no cheese solidifying, just pure, glutinous, cheesy goodness here. Step up your game-day appetizer dish with this venison queso!

Read the written version of this recipe as prepared by Gunnar Emberg

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About Super Bowl Snacks

Did you know that Super Bowl Sunday is considered the second biggest food holiday in the USA after Thanksgiving? 

That’s huge, and it means that, just like Thanksgiving, certain foods have become forever tied to the event. These foods, and the ingredients to make them, get bought up in the days leading up to the Super Bowl, giving us lots of fun stats released by grocery chains. 

It is estimated that Americans spend approximately 14.8 BILLION dollars on Super Bowl parties each year, most of that being spent on food and beer. 

Dips, meatballs, nachos, chicken wings, pizza, and guacamole are some America’s favorite Super Bowl snacks. Learn more about how they became Super Bowl favorites!

About Adam Berkelmans:

Adam Berkelmans, also known as The Intrepid Eater, is a passionate ambassador for real food and a proponent of nose-to-tail eating. He spends his time between Hull, Quebec and a cozy lake house north of Kingston, Ontario. When not cooking, he can be found hunting, fishing, foraging, gardening, reading, traveling, and discovering new ways to find and eat food.

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Cover photo courtesy of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers

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