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Wild Game Recipes for the Ultimate Super Bowl Spread

The Super Bowl is fast approaching and you’re planning on having friends or family over for a Super Bowl party, but what will you make?

Or maybe you’re going to someone else’s Super Bowl party and were asked to bring something; why not bring something fun and wild?

If you’re like us here at Harvesting Nature, you’re going to want to serve up and show off some of the wild game you spent the year obtaining, whether as finger foods, dips, chili, sandwiches, tacos, or the main event after the game.

From big game to upland birds, from waterfowl to small game, from wild edibles to fish and seafood, we’ve got you covered for recipes.

Take a spin through the amazing recipes our Field Staff Writers have contributed and wow your guests with the best Wild Super Bowl party they’ve ever been to!

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The Finger Foods

You’re going to need some finger foods for when guests arrive and to bring out sporadically throughout the game. These foods need to be quick to make, easy to eat, and delicious enough to momentarily distract your guests from the action on TV. We guarantee that every recipe here will do just that!

Gunnar Emberg’s Elk Lumpia

Justin Townsend’s Venison Chili Egg Rolls

Adam Berkelmans’ Coyote Steak Bites

Brandon Dale’s Elk Shank Tagine Canapes

Justin Townsend’s Jerked Venison Meatballs

Jason Thornton’s Venison Tongue Pate

Dustyn Carroll’s Squirrel Potstickers

Lindsey Bartosh’s Salmon Nachos

Cayla Bendel’s Venison Pizza Rolls

John Vile’s BBQ Squirrel

Daniel Kenworthy’s Quail Egg Roll Poppers

Justin Townsend’s Antelope Steak Fingers

The Dips

What’s a Super Bowl party without a dip? Break out the tortilla chips and dig in!

Gunnar Emberg’s Venison Queso Dip

Shawn West’s Canada Goose Popper Dip

The Chilies

A steaming bowl of spicy chili is the perfect thing to bring out for the halftime show. Luckily, you can make chili well in advance and just reheat it before serving. A big pot of chili is also perfect for bringing to someone else’s Super Bowl potluck party!

Kory Slye’s Smoked Venison Chili

Kory Slye’s Braised Squirrel Chili

Lindsey Bartosh’s Apricot Bear Chili

Justin Townsend’s Wild Rabbit Chili

The Sandwiches and Subs

Want to do something different than chili for halftime this year? Make sandwiches! These hot sandwiches and subs will impress your guests, soak up some of the beer bring drank, and stop hunger in its tracks.

Adam Berkelmans’ Nashville Hot Pike Sandwich

LC Hunter’s Brown Sugar BBQ Elk Sub

John Vile’s Beaver Bomber Sandwiches

Rikki Folger’s Wild Pulled Pork Sandwich

Shawn West’s Black Bear Meatball Subs

Ben Burgholzer’s Korean Pulled Bear Sandwiches

Gunnar Emberg’s Venison French Dip

The Tacos

Tacos are perfect for Super Bowl because they bridge the gap between a meal and a finger food. Easy to eat and easy to make, they’re the perfect tasty treat to bring out during a lull in the game!

Justin Townsend’s Best Ground Venison Taco Meat

Adam Berkelmans’ Ancho Venison Shank Tacos

Justin Townsend’s Venison Taquitos

Lindsey Bartosh’s Elk Crunchwrap Supreme

Justin Townsend’s Grilled Antelope Tacos

Tera Stoddard’s Pheasant Tacos

The Main Event

Well, the game’s finished, your team one, and the halftime show rocked… but you’re not done yet! If you want your guests to hang out after the game, you’d better have something good cooking for a late supper. The main event should be something hearty, spectacular, and made in such a way that you don’t miss the entire game because you’re in the kitchen, cooking the whole time. These recipes can be made ahead of time and heated up after the game’s over or can be left cooking in the smoker or crockpot without much fuss while it’s still on.

Gunnar Emberg’s Ultimate Venison Lasagna

Kory Slye’s Smoked Canada Goose

Justin Townsend’s Whole Smoked Venison Backstrap

John Vile’s Venison Shepherds Pie

Tori Loomis’ Elk Steak Pie

Jeff Benda’s Jackalope Wellington

Justin Townsend’s Citrus Smoked Venison Shanks

Gunnar Emberg’s Best Venison Bolognese

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