Film: How to Use Marinades to Enhance the Flavor of Wild Game

People often use marinades to cover up the natural flavors in wild game. Instead of covering up the delicious natural flavors, combine ingredients to enhance wild game flavor using a proper marinade. Also, don’t think of marinades as a way to tenderize meat; instead, use them to impart a little extra flavor. Marinades will only penetrate about ⅛” into the meat.  

In this film, Justin walks us through the main components of a marinade and details how you can create delicious flavor combinations to enhance wild game. 

The three main components of a marinade are acid, fat (oil), and salt. You can mix and match within these categories to obtain your desired flavor. Marinades can be applied to the outside of the meat or injected into the meat using an injector tool. Each method will result in different outcomes.

Leave the meat in a marinade for a short time, or the acid in the meat will cook the outside of the meat and leave a grainy, mushy surface that is not ideal for cooking. Use marinades overnight or less to impart flavor. 

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This segment originally aired on the Sporting Chef on the Outdoor Channel. View new episodes on Mondays at 9:30 PM ET in October and November 2023. 

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