Tips for Wild Game Sausage Making: Why Salt and Fat Ratios Are Important

Knowing how to make wild game sausage will totally up your cooking game while freeing up space in the freezer. Justin shows us how to grind meat and discusses two important factors of sausage making that are often overlooked. One is salt ratio and the other is fat content. 

When grinding meat, you want to make sure that all the metal components are cold. Additionally, you want to make sure the meat is cold, often slightly frozen. This will prevent smearing. Start with the large plate and move to the smaller plate after. 

You want to go at least 10 percent on the fat content but can go as high as 20 percent for cased sausage. For the salt, you want to mix at a minimum, for food safety, 1.8 percent of the weight of the fat and the meat. The highest you want to go is about 3 percent. 

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This segment originally aired on the Sporting Chef on the Outdoor Channel. View new episodes on Mondays at 9:30 PM ET in October and November 2023. 

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