From Whole Back Quarter to Seam Cuts: Breaking Down the Culinary Uses of Wild Game

Knowing the culinary value of each cut of meat will save you the embarrassment of serving your guests a chewy chunk of meat. Justin shows us how to break down the back quarter of an oryx into seam cuts which will let you break them down into more commonly known grocery store cuts. 

Identifying these cuts and associating them with their grocery store equivalents will allow you to prepare each cut based on its composition, flavor, and tenderness. You undoubtedly will need a notebook to capture some of the key takeaways from this video which will make you a better wild game butcher and cook. 

He discusses the bottom round, sirloin, eye of round, and shanks. He dives into why you should understand the culinary value of each cut and then you can search our specific recipes for each cut to enhance your wild game. 

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This segment originally aired on the Sporting Chef show on the Outdoor Channel. View new episodes on Mondays at 9:30 PM ET in October and November 2023. 

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