Podcast Episode 163: Butchering and Cooking the Neck and Denver Steak

Justin and Adam chat again about butchering and cooking by specific cuts. In this episode they dive deep into the Denver Steak and the Neck, touching base on techniques, nuances, and recipes for these two delicious cuts. 

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Grilled Venison Steak Salad

Venison with Roquefort-Shrimp Sauce

Venison Steak Marsala

Venison Red Beans and Rice

Cajun Rice and Gravy with Venison Neck

Venison Gamjatang

Show Notes:

Home Butchering vs Processor

Denver Steak

It’s part of the under-blade portion of the chuck

clam shell looking cut

4th most tender cut on animal

Has marbling even on lean game animals

It will have a rich flavor

Recently created in the US, unveiled in 2009

Result of a research project by the University of Florida and Nebraska

Not a popular cut along the rocky mountain foothills

Japanese have been eating for a while from Waygu 

How to remove the Denver Steak

Serratus ventralis muscle

High heat sear, grill, broil, stir fry

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Slice across the grain

Why is the steak so tender? 

The Neck

Commonly left behind

A huge amount of meat is available

Tendons and bones can make it a tough cut

History of cut

Neck Bones in Soul Food

Lamb Roasts in the Middle East/North Africa

Grilled Pork Collar with dipping sauce

Korean Gamjatang

Chronic Wasting Disease Considerations




So flavorful

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