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Harvesting Nature’s Top Goose Recipes

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Wild goose doesn’t get the acclaim it deserves. So many label it as a trash game species, only good for feeding to the dogs or throwing out. The haters out there are 100% wrong!

Wild goose breasts cook up like grass-fed sirloin beef steak when cooked rare to medium-rare, and can be slow-cooked and shredded. The legs can be braised until tender, made into confit, or shredded and used as an incredible taco filler. Roasted wings make excellent rich goose stock. The fastball-sized gizzards are great as confit or pickles, the hearts are great grilled, and the livers make delicious pâté.

The problem most people have is that they just don’t cook it correctly! To learn more about how to properly cook ducks and geese, read this article by Managing Editor Adam Berkelmans, who regards geese as one of his favourite meats.

As can be seen by the recipes below, wild goose, whether it be Canada, Specklebelly, or Snow, can be incredibly versatile and can make for an elegant gourmet dinner, something fast to serve the kids on a Tuesday night, or something that will have your friends ignoring the football game as they devour it. Get out goose hunting, and bring some home to make one (or all!) of these delicious meals!

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Harvesting Nature’s Top Goose Recipes

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