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Come Hunt Ducks in Oklahoma with Us

Have you ever wanted to get into waterfowl hunting or grow your existing waterfowl hunting skills? Well, we have the perfect hunting skills camp for you! We are partnering with G&H Decoys to host our first-ever Oklahoma Waterfowl Camp this coming January! It doesn’t matter if you have hunted for years or are just picking up a shotgun, we have a spot for you to join us at our hunting skills camp, this winter in Eastern Oklahoma. 

“Although not the first state to jump into mind when thinking of waterfowl, Oklahoma has been blessed with many diverse opportunities for waterfowlers. Located at the southern portion of the Central Flyway, Oklahoma is part of the wintering range for many species of ducks and geese. This provides sportsmen an opportunity to pursue their feathered quarry from November through January.” – Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

At this camp, we will hone your skills with a shotgun on the skeet range, scout for good habitat, teach you to call ducks, set up decoys, clean ducks, butcher waterfowl, package the meat, and cook tasty meals with waterfowl all in one extended weekend. All hunting will be DIY with our crew hunting alongside you, but not guiding you. 

We will use the G&H Decoy HQ as our base camp for all classes, meals, meetings, hunting planning, and campfires. Lodging will be at a nearby hotel, just minutes away from base camp. Our highly skilled, professional chefs, Adam Berkelmans and Justin Townsend, will prepare meals each day.

The G&H crew will spend time ensuring you are comfortable shooting on the range in order to prepare you for the transition to the waterside where you will have the opportunity to hunt a variety of migratory waterfowl.

Daytime classes will include topics such as Waterfowl Hunting 101, Intro to Duck Calling, Butchering Waterfowl, Hunting with Dogs, Advanced Cooking Techniques, and so much more!

Each day you will have the opportunity to scout multiple hunting spots and to go on four total DIY, unguided, duck hunts with both the G&H and Harvesting Nature crews. They will hunt right alongside you as you both try and bring home some game. 

After the hunt, our expert butcher, Adam Berkelmans, will walk you through the steps on how to break down the ducks and process the meat for storage in the freezer and for later eating. Everyone will get the opportunity to work with birds even if you do not harvest any in the field. 

Each night, after the hunts, our chefs will bring you into the kitchen. There they will provide hands-on instruction on how to prepare different cuts from the waterfowl you harvested. You will be taught kitchen skills to take back home and showcase for your friends and family. 

At the end of the camp, you will walk away with the skills to hunt, shoot, process, store, and cook your waterfowl. These skills easily translate over into any other game birds you would decide to hunt in the future. 


Arrive Afternoon of 25 January and Depart 28 January


$1500 per person

Registration will close on 25 December.

Included in the Camp:

  • 3 nights lodging/ 4 days with all meals included
  • Beverages from local breweries or vineyards
  • Shooting instruction
  • Pre-scouted locations with DIY, unguided, hunting opportunities 
  • Daytime waterfowl and food-centric classroom instruction
  • Butchering and storage instruction. Vac-sealed meat to take home
  • Cooking instructions for various cuts of waterfowl

License Requirements:

Hunter Safety Card to be verified after booking. You can take the hunter safety course online here if needed:

License Requirements (Click here for more details)

  1. Residents & Nonresidents: Oklahoma Hunting License
  2. HIP Permit
  3. Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp (federal duck stamp)
  4. Oklahoma Waterfowl Hunting License (waterfowl stamp)


The hotel is just a few minutes from base camp with private rooms, private bathrooms, and basic amenities. A pool is located onsite if you are brave enough to battle the winter temps. Local shops and restaurants are located nearby if you want to do some shopping in addition to your duck pursuits. 

Occupancy is sold by the person. We will try to group parties, but you may have to share space. Space will be gender divided unless people are in the same group. Please communicate lodging desires and we will try our best to accommodate.


  • 3 nights, 4 days
  • Day One: Arrival in the afternoon for check-in, Skeet Shooting, Waterfowl Hunting 101 Class, Duck Calling Class, Evening Social
  • Day Two: Morning Hunting, Butchering Overview, Cooking Overview Class, Evening Hunt, Butchering, and Cooking Classes 
  • Day Three: Morning Hunt, Butchering, Conservation Talk, Evening Hunt, Cooking Classes, and Final Social
  • Day Four: Send-off Breakfast, Departure

Travel To Camp: 

Basecamp is located 65 minutes from Tulsa Airport and 84 minutes from Oklahoma City Airport. It’s recommended to rent a car and drive from one of the airports to the camp. Driving directions will be provided after booking. 

What to bring for your hunt:

  • Hunter Safety Card or copy
  • Shotgun (limited shotguns for rent for a fee). Shotguns should not be smaller than 20 gauge. 
  • 3-4 boxes of ammo. Non-lead ammo is required. Some local stores carry ammo, but bringing some would be best. 
  • Cold weather clothing and rain gear (Dress for the season)
  • Waders are recommended but not required 
  • Cooler

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What if members of my group are inexperienced hunters?

We love teaching hunters of all ages and skills. So if it’s your first time hunting, we would be more than happy to help you create that unforgettable moment of harvesting your first animal.

What is the minimum age for hunters?

There is no minimum age for hunters. We just fall back on a verification of a Hunter Safety Card for any person planning to shoot an animal. 

What if someone does not want to hunt, but wants to attend?

All are welcome! We will keep the price the same for all participants based on the nature of the event, access to valuable lessons, and incredible experiences outside of just hunting. 

Other Important Information:

  • Tips are not included in pricing but are greatly appreciated!

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