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Harvesting Nature’s Top Wild Pork Recipes

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Whether it’s feral wild hog, or Eurasian wild boar (or a hybrid of the two!), wild pork is an underrated and delicious meat. These pigs are also extremely invasive and their population desperately needs to be decreased.

We don’t mind helping out with that by eating them and enjoying the fine flavors that sows and younger pigs boast. Listed below are our favourite wild pig recipes from the Harvesting Nature archives; we recommend trying them all!

Because some pigs can carry trichinosis, we recommend fully cooking your wild pork to a sustained 150°F minimum before enjoying it.

Are you unable to bring home wild pork due to a lack of them in your area, or a lack of expertise in how to obtain, process, and cook them? Well, you’re in luck!

Harvesting Nature runs Wild Pig Hunting Skills Camps twice a year. At camp, you’ll learn how to shoot, hunt, clean, skin, gut, process, butcher, store, and cook your wild pig. Plus, you’ll be taking it home with you to enjoy for the rest of the year! Our skilled instructors will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring that you take home valuable skills that can be easily transferred to other species of wild game. We also always have a blast and eat great!

Sign up today, or email us at whatscooking@harvestingnature.com for more information.

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