Podcast Episode 160: Clamming, Crabbing, and Foraging on the Oregon Coast

Justin and Adam chat with Oregon-based Field Staff Writer Katie Wiley. They chat about foraging, clamming, crabbing, and fishing on the Oregon Coast.

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Katie Wiley: Our guest is an Oregon-based food writer, recipe developer, and outdoor enthusiast. She enjoys encouraging her readers to respectfully forage and harvest seasonally available food, create nature-inspired recipes, and have a great time doing it. The meals she makes for her husband and three children come from constant adventure, teaching her little one’s some of life’s most valuable skills and living their lives together as a family to the absolute fullest.

Check out Katie’s IG: @thekitchenwild

Show Notes:

Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Denver Trivia Night Event

Service Berries, Saskatoon Berries, and June Berries

Basswood Leaves

Dandelion Greens, Roasted Beets, Roasted Diakon, and Goat Cheese

Salal Berries

Archery hunting is hard

Digging for clams is a lot less aggressive. 

Check out Katie’s IG: @thekitchenwild

Raking for crabs

Cockle clams 

Razor Clams

When to dig for clams

Measuring crabs

European Green crabs

Skunk Cabbage

Seaweed Harvest Season

Becare of Marine Reserves

Starting Foraging

Get permission to hunt and forage on farm properties

Fringe areas

Wild asparagus and fencelines

Beer Battered Fried Mussels with Garlic Aioli

Small Batch Garlic Beer Broth for Gooseneck Barnacles

Gooseneck Barnacles

Tips for crabbing, clamming, barnacling

Rental shops can help!

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