Podcast Episode 159: Butchering and Cooking Big Game Front Shoulders

Justin and Adam dive deep into their first official cooking-by-cuts episode to discuss the whole front shoulder. They chat about shot placement to save meat, the anatomy of the front shoulder, butchering techniques, culinary nuances, melting collagen, braising, smoking, roasts, and so much more!

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Show Notes:

The Front Shoulder

Commonly destroyed

Shot placement and damaged meat

Resources for shot placement

Onx has a good article about shot placement. 

Organ location

Texas heart shot and headshots

The versatility of the front shoulder

The butchering walkthrough

The Scapula, Humerous, (elbow), Radius, and Ulna

Removing the hide

Adipose tissue 

Being careful around specific cuts

Removing the front quarter from the carcass 

Hooves, feet, and trotters

The foreshank

“Shanks and Praises”

The arm roast, clod roast, arm chuck steak, swiss steaks

Blade roast

Flat iron

Mock tender

Thinking about ways to use the cuts

Description of collagen to gelatin process

Grinding the whole shoulders

The lean muscle can be overcooked easily

Braising, slow cooking, and smoking

Pork-based cuts vs Beef-based cuts

Justin’s Whole Roasted Pork Shoulder

Using other fats to help moisten 

Mop sauce

Larding and Barding


Fitting the meat in the pot


Cooking until shreddable

Reducing the braising liquid into a sauce

Big bold flavors

Cool liquids

Sous vide and reverse sear or shred

Slow Cooker or Crock Pot

Jerked Deer Shoulder Recipe

You don’t always need fancy equipment for cooking

One shoulder break down and one shoulder kept whole

Deboned, rolled, tied, and braised roast

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