Podcast Episode 158: German Hunting Culture and German Wild Food

Justin chats with German-based hunter and wild game chef Tim Böckle and Harvesting Nature Field Staff Writer JP Yampey. They chat about German hunting culture, German wild game cooking, red deer, roe deer, giant wild pigs, hunting on reveres, and so much more!

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Timo Böckle: Timo is a world-class German chef, hunter, television chef, and entrepreneur. He has traveled and cooked all over the world on both land and sea. At home in Germany, he is passionate about hunting and has earned the title of Jagermiester.  In his restaurants, he incorporates wild game into the menu to showcase the wild flavors we all know to love and appreciate.

IG: @timoboeckle

JP Yampey: JP is a Field Staff Writer for Harvesting Nature based in Germany. He is also known as “Hunting Muscle” on social media. JP is a hunter and bodybuilder exploring the European hunting scene and game food culture. He spends his time in Stuttgart, Germany, and the Black Forest. When not in the forest or the gym, he can be found cooking, doing great things with meat, traveling, writing code, or science fiction.

IG: huntingmuscle

Show Notes:

How this episode came to fruition

Hunting Roe Deer in Germany

Learning to Hunt in German

A Hunter’s Greeting/Salute


Last Bite

Hunting Clothing

Where did the hunting language originate

Different types of wild game across Germany

Red Deer cause damage to native plants

The Revere System

How to get a hunting license

The Revere Manager is responsible for protecting crops and lands

The meat is not always yours

Liability and Safety

Drive Hunts

You have to buy the meat as the hunter

Revere Manager pays the landowner

Hunter’s Rights

Trophy Hunting

The price of the animals

Wild Pigs in Europe

Hunting Dogs

Seasonal Wild Game



German Maultaschen


Medallions with Wild Herb Crust

Game Braten – Pot Roast

Timo’s favorite recipe: Roe Deer 

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