Podcast Episode 600: An Intro to Cooking by Cuts…the Future

We are back! Don’t worry… we weren’t going anywhere. We just took a little break to hunt, fish, and cook up some delicious tasty vittles. At the same time, we discovered a new direction for our podcast. You know what they say, “The discovery of a new dish does more for human happiness than the discovery of a new star.” Not only are we planning to bring you more new recipes that will contribute to your happiness, but we discovered a topic that is going to enhance your wild game experience.

I’d like to introduce the concept of cooking by meat cut. Over the next several months we will be diving into each of the meat cuts found on big game animals. We will be discussing the culinary history of the cut, the butchering process to remove the cut, and the physical characteristics, such as tenderness and composition, and we will identify cooking methods and recipes that are ideal for individual cuts. Each episode will cover different cuts with guest episodes released in between those episodes. 

Our goal is to get you more comfortable with cooking various cuts and to get away from the Processor’s stamp of “steaks, roasts, ground, and cube”. There is so much more to do with the animal. In the end, thinking of cooking by cuts will make it easier to find new and exciting recipes while also enhancing your wild game meals. 

Oh yeah, we have a new podcast image! It’s Justin holding two black bear back straps on the Oregon Coastal Range. 

Justin and Adam sit down at our Wild Pig Skills Camp to discuss the new focus of the podcast. They chat about delicious food from Pig Camp, filming for the Sporting Chef TV Show, cooking by meat cuts, butchering, wild game recipes, and so much more!

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Show Notes:

Pig testicles

Pig offal

Food at camp


Cooking by cuts

Culinary history

Each cut cooks differently

Recipe for each cut

Processing your meat

Random recipe ranking website

Specifics to search for recipes

The bottom round can be similar across species

In the kitchen, they perform the same

Cooking by cut you can spread across several animals

Offal, Wobbly Bits, 5th quarter

Learn more about butchering

Different countries have different names for cuts

We are keeping the guest’s episodes

Tell us about your experiences cooking by cuts. 


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