Wildlife in Art

Wildlife in Art

Artist Feature:

Jody M.-W.

Hello! My name is Jody, and I am the maker behind all of the pieces of Plumes & Blooms Creative. We are a small business in Ontario, Canada that creates art and décor pieces inspired by nature. As a small family business, we enjoy connecting with our customers and we make quality one of our top priorities.

The origin story of Plumes & Blooms Creative is a simple one. It grew out of the desire to extend gratitude and appreciation for nature. When I first met my husband, I was immediately immersed into the world of hunting and harvesting – a new world for me at the time. One evening my husband came home from a bird hunt, and after I watched him process the birds that would fill our freezer, I noticed all of the feathers went into the garbage. My reaction and instinct was to try and save them; for what I wasn’t sure! 

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Throughout 2016 I experimented with different ways to use and display the feathers I had collected. I really enjoyed having a creative outlet and challenging myself. The frames, baubles, and other creations I made received such positive feedback from family and friends, that in 2017 I took the leap to start a small shop. It was a natural progression to start incorporating flora into my art, as gardening is my biggest passion. I am proud of the evolution and growth the shop has seen, and today collections feel like an extension of my appreciation for the four seasons and my curiosity for exploring the outdoors.

When I am not creating in my studio or getting lost in nature, you can find me chasing around our two quirky and lovable Brittany Spaniels. From my family to yours, thank you for taking the time to read our story and I hope you enjoy the art from Plumes and Blooms Creative! 

All of the feathers used in pieces by Plumes & Blooms Creative are from ethically harvested gamebirds or ethically gathered. The art of Plumes & Blooms Creative is produced from a desire to waste as little as possible from the harvested bird. Birds are not harvested for the purpose of making the art. All gamebirds harvested are done so with a legal license and permit and following all Canadian government regulations.

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