Podcast Episode 535: Turkey Hunting is Hard Revisited

Kory from the HN Crew talks with his friends Jeremy, Tony, and Tyler about turkey hunting. Topics range from how to scout and prepare for the season, how to set up and call birds, some recipes, and a whole lot of missing shots.

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Turkey’s amazing hearing and eyesight

Check out The Way We Hunt’s video on How to Clean a turkey

HN Turkey Life cycle shirt

Wild Turkey Schnitzel


Chick-fil-A copycat recipe

Hank Shaw’s Turkey Carnitas

Turkey and white wine fricassee

Turkey Ravioli by Shawn West

Show Notes:

Jeremy’s start to turkey hunting and his success 

Tony and his son’s start to hunting and their successes

Tyler’s lack of a turkey hunting history

the benefits of the early hunting hours for spring gobbler

Shooting birds before work

The benefits of COVID for turkey hunting

Reversing Nature when calling turkeys

Late-morning gobblers without hens

competing with hens

HOT TIP: Go to breakfast

how much to call

All the time we’ve been busted by turkeys

Everything that kills turkeys

different types of calls

don’t practice turkey calls in the house with your wife around

different sounds when calling

how hunting pressure affects the turkey hunting

Does your calling need to be perfect?

Tips for scouting for turkeys

population decline of turkeys

getting turkeys to shock gobble to locate them

roosting turkeys in the evening and how to do it

HOT TIP: know the area well before the season starts

don’t bump them off the roost

How to set-up on birds

Patterning your shotgun – Why and How

TSS Loads


Don’t leave the turkey legs and thighs in the woods

HOT TIP: Use a rangefinder when turkey.  

effective ranges with a shotgun

our most memorable turkey hunts

Allen’s Shocker Series Gear review

Ben Franklin liked turkeys

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