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The 10 Best Spring Wild Turkey Recipes

Springtime means wild turkey time for much of North America, but what do you do with your gobbler when you get it home? Why not try one of these fantastic wild turkey recipes developed by Harvesting Nature’s talented Field Staff Writers?

1. Wild Turkey Po’Boy

For this recipe Field Staff Writer Shawn West tried to stay as true to a po’ boy sandwich’s New Orleans roots as he could; crispy fried turkey nuggets, cool shredded iceberg lettuce, rich spicy mayonnaise, and juicy tomatoes on crusty French bread.

Leaning back in a chair in the sunshine of a warm late-spring afternoon, biting into this sandwich with a cold beer at the ready, you could almost hear the jazz playing outside the Market Café on Decatur Street.

2. Jerk Wild Turkey

For many of us the end of the spring wild turkey season means the beginning of backyard gatherings with family and friends and the smoky aroma of your favourite barbecued meal. This Jamaican Jerk inspired dish by Field Staff Writer LC Hunter is a great option to add to your wild game backyard barbecue repertoire and has the perfect balance of both heat and sweet.

3. Jalapeño Wild Turkey Piccata

This recipe by Field Staff Writer Ara Zada is a play on the good old chicken piccata recipe that’s super quick, easy, and doesn’t disappoint. If you’ve never had piccata, you’re in for a treat because when you pour the sauce over the top everyone will think you’re a five-star chef. Any way you slice it, you’re bound to love this dish!

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4. Wild Turkey Souvlaki with Tzatziki

Tender cubes of wild turkey breast marinaded in flavourful Greek spices and served with either traditional Greek salad or warm pita bread with tzatziki sauce and hummus, this dish has been a hit with everyone Field Staff Writer Shawn West has made it for. Bright with citrus and garlic, with an unmistakable hit of oregano, if you happen to eat this while drinking a cold beer or a glass of crisp white wine, then all the better.

5. Wild Turkey Salad

Being on the go so often, it can sometimes be easy to overlook the freezer downstairs that’s full of meat when prepping meals. Field Staff Writer Cayla Bendel says there’s something pretty darn magical about using the fruits of previous days afield to fuel new ones. Here is one of her simplest recipes to put together on a work night using wild turkey meat.

6. Wild Turkey Stir Fry

Every change of the season brings new flavors and opportunities that can be found by going out into the wild for your meals. Many of these ingredients can be substituted for a store bought equivalent if they are not available in your area. This is a highly customizable meal that you can add to your wild game repertoire. Field Staff Writer Dan Renna combined fiddleheads, chives, garlic mustard and some garden hold-overs from last year. Along with a wild turkey breast, he wanted to use all that spring had to offer in one dish and this stir fry was the answer.

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7. Wild Turkey Leg Ravioli with Brown Butter & Sage Sauce

A whole roasted wild turkey feeds a lot of people, and there are invariably leftovers. Often overlooked or derided as tough and rugged, this recipe by Field Staff Writer Shawn West is a great way to transform those legs and thighs into tender bites stuffed into perfect raviolis.

8. Wild Turkey and Brie Puffs

Field Staff Writer Ara Zada has spoken with a lot of people who just didn’t know what to do with their wild turkey. He wanted to create something a bit different that you could even make with the scrap meat off the bird. You can also use thigh or breast to make this if you don’t want to mess with all the little pieces.

9. Wild Turkey Summer Pasta

Summer in Kansas is hot and very humid. During these months it’s hard to work up much of an appetite for any big, heavy meals. This is why Field Staff Writer G. Thurman loves making pasta dishes with lighter sauces. They go perfect with either wild turkey and have the added benefit of being a healthy alternative to heavier cream based sauces.

10. Wild Turkey Eggs Benedict

Last, but not least, is another recipe by the very successful turkey hunter Shawn West. He writes that given the early start, most turkey hunts are wrapped up by mid-morning and a turkey camp full of hungry hunters is a perfect opportunity to celebrate success by using some fresh wild turkey for this game meat twist on the classic eggs Benedict. A Bloody Caesar, a classically Canadian cocktail, makes a great accompaniment for this dish.

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