Podcast Episode 533: LIVE PODCAST Improve Your Wild Food Cooking

Justin and the crew host a live podcast with a question and answer session at the 2023 Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Rendezvous. They share cooking tips and tricks, answer questions from the audience, play Let’s Make a Meal, and so much more!

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Show Notes:

Temperature and Over Cooking

Meat Thermometer 

Let Meat Come to Room Temp before Cooking

Thawing Meat

Dry Equals Crispy


Harvesting Nature Seasoning Blends 

Wild Game Terroir 

Types of Salt: Kosher and Sea Salt

Using Herbs and Foragables from the Environment 

Wild Game can take Big Flavors

Cooking by Cuts

Question 1: How do we know the cuts of meat

Cooking By Cuts Cookbook

BHA Field to Table Video Series 

Venison Quarter T-Shirt

Top Round: Two Muscles, Two Different Cooking Techniques

Labeling Meat Bags

Mystery Meat: Braise Them

Use Stock

Save Braising Liquid

Build on the Recipe with Salt, Stock, and Vinegar

Question 2: Heart Cooking

Marinade and Meat Mallet and Grill

Cook up to Medium or Braise for a long time

Justin’s Yakatori Heart Recipe

Jaccard Meat Tenderizer 

Question 3: Dark Meat on Wild Turkey

180 degrees to melt/render fat

Sous Vide may work


Duck Fat 

Cooking with Liver

Question 4: Javalena Head Cheese

Let’s Make a Meal!

Question 5: Corned Elk Roast

Equilibrium Curing 

Question 6: Getting Comfortable with Cooking Wild Game

Cookbook Tips

Learn Techniques

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