Podcast Episode 533: Overcoming Wild Game Cooking Mistakes

Justin, Collin, and Adam Berkelmans how to make sure your meals come out top-notch even when mistakes happen. They discuss overcoming overcooking, resting meat, thawing techniques, inattention to cooking, acid, fat, salting, and so much more!

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Show Notes:

Pig Camp – spots still open

BHA Rende

Adam – New managing editor of HN

Collin’s moving to Virginia 

Calving and rearing “lil babies”

Overcoming overcooking 

Have a meat thermometer

Rest your meat


Food Safety for bear, pig, mountain lion, etc…

Higher cooking temps for birds

Collin’s overcooked meat tip – onions, olive oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper

Some cuts can be cooked over 160 – wild pork leg 

Cook times can vary with wild game

Reheat meat in its own juices 

Impatience and inattention 

Let the pan come to temperature

Let the meat thaw completely

Do the little things/steps, don’t skip them

Types of pans

Stainless steel pan trick – use a drop of water

No acids in a cast iron

Use an enamel coated dutch oven

Collin has a 6inch one

Not reading the recipe all the way through

When do you salt

Use an acidic instead of a salt

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