Podcast Episode 532: Black Duck Revival

Justin chats with Jonathan Wilkins owner of Black Duck Revival. They discuss how his love for food and hunting led to the creation of his lodge, Sandhill crane tamales, Corn snow goose and cabbage egg rolls, Smoked venison hot links, Boudin sausage, and so much more!

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About Jonathan:

Jonathan Wilkins is a hunter, angler, guide, cook, and outdoor writer. In 2017, he bought a boarded-up church and turned it into a duck lodge. This isn’t your ordinary lodge. It’s much more. Today, seasoned waterfowlers, working professionals new to hunting, adult-onset hunters, and many others find their way through the doors of Black Duck Revival. Their experiences are something more focused on enjoying hunting, wild food, and the positive experiential side of duck hunting not always seen at other lodges. 

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Show Notes:

BHA Rende 

Wild Food Panel

Wild Pig Camps 

Jonathan Wilkins of Black Duck Revival

Getting into Hunting

The first buck

Nuisance bears in Oklahoma 

Wild Pig Rib Meat Greens and Beans

Black Bear Roasts

Sandhill Crane Tamales

Cooking with bear grease

Use the pig fat

The intersection of hunting and eating for Jonathan

Getting weird with the hunt

The start of the Black Duck Revival

Cooking turkeys

Corn snow goose and cabbage egg rolls 

Smoked venison hot links


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