Podcast Episode 528: Cooking with Wild Game Fats Revisited

An episode revisited! Join Justin and Kory as they chat with Wade Truong and Rachel Owen of Elevated Wild. They dive deep into the world of harvesting, preparing, storing, and cooking with several wild game fats, and so much more! 

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About Wade and Rachel:

Wade Truong is a lifelong Virginian, self-taught chef and hunter. His work has been featured in the New York Times and Garden & Gun. Rachel Owen is a passionate outdoorswoman. She didn’t grow up hunting or fishing- her love for cooking brought her to a desire for a closer relationship with her food. Together they hunt, fish, forage, preserve & cook. They do it because it gives them a deep sense of pride, rootedness, and nourishment to be connected to their food. They do it because they want to be active participants in the natural world. They do it to honor the hard-won experiences in the field. They do it because they know the abundance to be found at the untamed table.

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Show Links:

Elevated Wild’s Article: Wild Fats – A Primer


BBQ Squirrel

Wild Duck Bao Buns

Alligator Curry

Lonestar Jerky

Show Notes:

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Wade and Rachel’s journey into hunting

Their opinions of hunting before they were hunters

why it’s important to have a connection to your food

A big fat doe

2-inch thick fat

Wade and Rachel’s article on wild game fats

Gallons of deer fat

Deep dives into common beliefs

Deer fat – high in saturated fats

the appearance of the fat at Room Temp

Different mouth feel

High saturated fat vs high unsaturated fat content

Rendering wild game fat

wet rendering

freezing fat before rendering

Rancid Fat

Uses for deer tallow

Deer fat suet cakes for birds

deep frying in deer fat

Pie crusts, cookies, and

cornbread recipe – replacing oil with venison tallow

HOT TIP: underbake when using deer tallow

rendering waterfowl fat

dark red/orange fat vs white fat vs yellow fat

how the diet of the bird affects the fat

duck fat shad roe

Beaver Fat

Beaver Prosciutto

beaver fat in place of olive oil

beaver tail cracklings

Oregon bear hunting

Bear and blackberry cobbler

turkey fat

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