Podcast Episode 527: Wild Game Resolutions for the New Year

Justin and Collin chat with Nick Otto, Host of The Huntavore Podcast. They reflect on the successes and failures of 2022 and make their wild game resolutions for 2023. They also discuss beer-braised elk, holiday meals, liver mousse ravioli, and salmon shepherd’s pie. Justin and Nick play Let’s Make a Meal to redeem themselves for a previous unsatisfying dish they created on The Huntavore Podcast a year ago. 

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About Nick:

Nick Otto is the host of the Huntavore Podcast, a hunter, a wild game cook, and a family man. You may recognize his voice from Episode 306: Family and Food. In that episode we discussed family-friendly wild game recipes, balancing family and hunting, boudin scented candles, pickle juice brines, venison hot dogs, and so much more! Listen to it here

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Show Notes:

New Years tradition

Hoppin Johns with Braised Antelope Shank

Pork and sauerkraut

International Sportsmen’s Expo in Denver Booth 211

Beer-braised corned elk for Christmas

What do you want to do in 2023

Looking back on 2022

Greatest hunting success 

Out west experience – Montana style 

Up close and personal with an elk

Success with Nick’s son

Social media is the worst

Doubling up on antelope

Failures of 2022

Kidney stones are the worst

Lessons Learned in 2022

How elk move

Greatest wild game accomplishment in 2022

A win with a liver 

Venison liver and onion mousse ravioli 

Fat kid at heart

breaking down an elk 

wild pork green chili

Trying coyote – go to Episode 526

Let’s Make a Meal!

Salmon shepherd’s pie

Huntavore Podcast

Eat more Wild Game

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