Podcast Episode 525: Turning Feral, a Modern Journey of Hunting, Trapping, and Transformation

Justin chats with Zach Hanson, a hunter, trapper, and the author of Turning Feral. They discuss Zach’s journey from cushy suburban lifestyle to a life in the wilderness of Idaho. They dive deep into off grid living, eating racoons, the culinary use of beaver, drawing the line of morality, and so much more! 

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Special Guest:

Zach Hanson is a hunter, trapper, author, husband, and father.  His latest book, Turning Feral: A Modern Journey of Hunting, Trapping, and Living Intentionally in the Wilderness, is about his journey from a cushy suburban lifestyle to a life in the wilderness of Idaho, learning to hunt, trap, and live off the grid. In his journey, he was able to break free from the trappings of the modern rat race and experience a wild and wonderful life on his own terms.

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Show Notes:

Turning raccoons into hats

Eating raccoon, otter, coyotes

Korean soup, cajun bites, and spicy chili

Introducing Zach Hanson 

Zach’s background

Living off the grid in Idaho

What’s in Zach’s freezer now


Homemade cocktail stirrers

Plans for the rest of the season

Involving kids in the outdoor adventures

Building up preference points for the kids

Zach’s book

Finding the line of morality 

Going hunting for the first time

Coming for the food

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