Antler and Fin Podcast: Venison Country Ham

Deer season has come to a close, and many of us are looking to make room in our freezers – perhaps by tackling that large “special occasion” cut that’s eluded cooking since last year. In my case, that cut was a hind leg from a small doe. Using Hank Shaw’s Smoked Venison Roast as inspiration, the leg was coated in salt and sugar, vacuum-sealed, and refrigerated for about 10 days before a long, slow smoke over hardwood charcoal and applewood from local pastures.

There are plenty of tasty uses for the leftovers, but this recipe pays homage to a regional Virginia specialty: the country ham biscuit. Country ham is a cured pork creation that takes months to prepare, but the diminutive size of the venison leg allows the rub to penetrate and result in moist, exceptionally smoky meat that’s not unlike country ham.

The key to this recipe is maintaining temperature to ensure a beautiful smoke ring without drying out or overcooking the meat. The biscuit sandwiches are served with carved slices of smoked venison, honey butter, and green tomato jam – harvested just in time for our first frost. The flavors of the sweet, rich butter and tangy jam pair nicely with the salty, lean venison.

Read the written version of this recipe as prepared by Heidi Chaya. 


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