Podcast: Episode 524, Expect More From Backpacking Food

Justin chats with Shannon Waters, the Founder of Gastro Gnome Meals. They chat about Gastro Gnome Meals, hunter’s education, hunting in Montana, food for travel, eating better backpacking food, new meal ideas, wild vs. domestic meats, fun tips for cooking wild game, and so much more! 

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Special Guest:

Shannon Waters is a former chef, hunter, angler, businesswoman, and adventurer. Her love of cooking and the outdoors collided when she packed a heavy cast iron pan into the backcountry. That’s when she realized that if she was going to enjoy a great adventure and a great meal, she was going to have to find a solution for packable meals. That’s how Gastro Gnome got its start.

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Show Notes:

Missing a deer in CO

Zoe going through hunters education 

Colorado needs some education on wild game cooking 

Harvesting Nature Pig Camp

Shannon Waters of Gastro Gnome

Flavor differences in domestic meats

Hunting seasons in Montana

Frustrations of difficult hunting seasons

What’s in Shannon’s freezer

What Shannon is cooking 

What is Gastro Gnome

The beginning of Gastro Gnome 

Working as a Chef

Opening restaurants for other people 

The need to find better freeze dried food 

Hard to pass up a corn dog

Gastro Gnome’s full line-up

New meal ideas

Give me the peach cobbler and let me go home 

Gastro Gnome all over the world 

Frozen lakes in June

Favorite game meat

Tip for those new to cooking wild game

Be creative with your food

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