Podcast: Episode 519, Hunting Drama and Desert Antelope

Justin, Tom, Eric, and Zoe recount their trip to southern Colorado in search of Antelope. They discuss some hunting drama, faded orange hats, drought, cheap beer theories, antelope antler size, jack rabbit hunting, and so much more!

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Show Notes:

How we got to hunt there

Hunting and Scouting

Eric’s past experience with this location

Zoe’s perspective

The environment

Pinon Nuts are dry

The hunting drama

Parking on state trust land

The warden is called

License debacle 

Blaze orange hats fade

Catching the parkers

The hunting soap opera



Cheap Beer Theory

Day 2

Do not look antelope in the eyes

Justin makes coffee

Antler size

Flagging with game bag

The jack rabbit

The 8th choice

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