Podcast: Episode 518, Big Game Cookery Bonanza

Justin and Adam chat about all their favorite big game meals. They discuss freezer management, Huevos Rancheros, Jamaican Patties, Venison Marsala, Moose Tongue Pizza, shanks, and they even create a delicious recipe on the spot.  

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Show Notes:

Antler and Fin Podcast

Fall Issue of the Harvesting Nature Magazine 


Cyber Attack

Sporting Chef 

MeatEater Podcast

Shit on a Shingle Recipe

What is Big Game?

Big Game Blend Spices

Freezer management

Meals By Cuts

Ground Meat

Huevos Rancheros 

Amish Haystacks

Hickory Sticks

Jamaican Patties

Scotch Eggs

Upland Fowl Spice Blend


Elk Steak Gochujang Sauce

Venison Marsala

Stuffed steak


Mississippi Roast

Pot Roasts

Other Cuts

Philly cheese steak shank sliders

Cool Shank Recipes

Wobbly Bits

Japanese heart skewers

Moose Tongue Pizza 

Make a Meal Challenge!

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