Podcast: Episode 517, Man Eats Wild

Justin chats with Mario Kalpou, the Host and Executive Producer of the television show Man Eats Wild. They discuss hunting internationally, cooking crocodile meat, traveling for food, connecting with local cultures, fishing in far off places, clean eating, and so much more! 

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Special Guest:

Mario Kalpou is the Host and Executive Producer of Man Eats Wild television series, airing on the Outdoor Channel, where Season 2 just premiered.  He has owned global award-winning restaurants and has over 25 years of outdoor adventure experience.  He has been all around the world harvesting food in the most extreme environments.

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Show Notes:

Special Guest Mario Kalpou

Former restaurateur and professional hunting guide

Deer species in Australia 

Spear fishing 

Old Library with Danny Russo

What’s in Mario’s freezer 

Moving to Florida

Warm water lobsters vs cold water lobsters

Man Eats Wild – ethos of the show

Cooking a crocodile 

Spicy crocodile tail

Poison crocodile liver

Fishing at Alphonse Island in the Indian Ocean

Catching ruby snapper

Mario’s 4 tenets

A cleaner lifestyle with wild food

Eat what makes you happy

Eat within a 100 mile radius

Season 2 highlights

Mario’s Last Thought: try to get local organic/natural food

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