Podcast, Episode 515, Cleaning out the Freezer

Justin and Kory chat about all the ways to clean out your freezer to prepare for the new hunting season. They discuss sausage making, jerky recipes, trout jerky, squirrel chili, goose pastrami, venison ham, and so much more! 

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Show Notes:

the opening of seasons in PA and CO

Podcast: Episode 422, Flintlocks, Deer Drives, and Late Season Whitetail

Podcast: Episode 304, Mountain Men of Pennsylvania

Pa Goose Hunting

Antler and Fin podcast with Adam Berklemens

What’s left in our freezers

Japanese venison heart skewers

FDA Recommendations for freezing meats

Top things to do with meat to clean out the freezer

Making Sausage

Podcast: Episode 325, A Wild Game Sausage Party

Ancho and Chipotle chili smoked sausage

Antelope Andouille sausage


Duck Sausage


Trout Jerky

Lone Star Jerky

Garlic Soy venison jerky

Worcestershire – Say it!


Squirrel Chili 

Chili with Cornbread waffles 

Goose and Venison Pastrami

Pastrami vs. corned meat

Smoked venison Country Ham and Biscuits

Podcast: Episode 423, Canning and Pickling Game, Fish, and Wild Edibles

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