Podcast: Episode 514, The Unspoken Rules of Eating Wild Game

Justin and the HN crew dive into the unspoken rules of cooking and eating wild game. They discuss common myths, traditions, and truths when it comes to wild game. They also highlight some rules we should adopt as a wild food culture.

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North American Grassland Conservation Act

Show Notes:

Unspoken rules of wild game

Updates from the crew

Gagging over goose

Ways to improve marshy tasting waterfowl

North American Grassland Conservation Act

Introducing Food Grammar – Unwritten rules of cuisine

Pasta without meat?

Bugs are food

7 Golden Rules of Wild Game Care

We are too used to mild flavor 

We need depth of flavor

It tastes like where it came from 

Don’t cover up the flavor 

Gifting wild game

Venison diplomacy

Break things down into smaller cuts

Denver Steak

You have more time than you think

Aging meat

Branch out when preparing wild game

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