Podcast: Episode 513, When Nature Calls

Justin talks with Noah Schum of PACT Outdoors about a touchy topic that hits everyone when they are least expecting it. They discuss pooping in the outdoors, Mycelium, micro remediation, mountain goats with E. coli, better pooping habits, the PACT Bathroom Kit, and so much more!

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Special Guest:

Noah Schum is a businessman, inventor, hunter, angler, outdoorsman, and adventurer. He founded PACT Outdoors and created the first all-in-one bathroom kit for outdoor adventures which is the cleanest way to poop outdoors.

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Show Notes:

Antler and Fin with Adam 

Harvesting Nature Wild Fish spice blend

Cleanest way to poop outdoors

Noah’s origin story

hunt gather grow thanksgiving

Spruce Tip Jam episode 

PACT Outdoors

Pooping in a bag isn’t awesome

Cleaner for you, cleaner for nature

Micro remediation 

What’s in the kit

Mountain goats with e.coli

Hot topics about pooping in the outdoors

Time frame of break down process

Crest Butte Conservation Corps

Spreading the news about proper pooping

Backpacking kit

Van life kit

Coming to REI soon!

Kids gotta poop

Family kit is perfect

The fear of pooping outdoors

“If you enjoy the outdoors you’re probably going to have to poop”



What does your bathroom kit look like 

Everybody poops

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