Podcast: Episode 512, Wild Foraged Cocktails

Justin talks with Wild Food Chef and Blogger Jamie Carlson in depth about wild, foraged cocktails. They discuss the eating of hedgehogs, the origins of cocktails, the wild ingredients and preparation of various types of bitters, shrubs, schnapps, liquors, cocktails and so much more!

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Special Guest:

Jamie Carlson is a hunter, angler, cook, and cocktail maker extraordinaire. If you follow him on social media you may have seen his many wild food inspired cocktails. He’s also an outstanding outdoor writer, crafting stories about foraging, hunting, fishing, and all things wild food in a column for Outdoor Life, and the website Modern Carnivore.  

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Show Notes:

Antler and Fin Podcast with Adam Berkelmans


Campari with Chokecherries

Rhubarb and Sumac Bitters

Black Walnut Bitters

Jamie’s Origin story 

You Have to Cook it Right

Duck Pastrami

Recipes don’t say “when finished, tastes like shit”

Eating Turtles and Hedgehogs

Eating Coots

Finding and Cooking with Morels

Spruce tip ice cream to make Spruce Tip Grasshopper

Spruce tips

Maple Simple Syrup

Shagbark hickory nuts

Versatility of birch trees

Elderflower liqueur

Lilac liqueur

Bitter vs. Liqueur

Birch Schnapps Recipes

Spirits+sugar+water+bitters = cocktails

Rum Old Fashions


Why’s it called a Corn’N’Oil

Wild Plums 

Late summer sumac

Understanding the seasonality for foraging

Can we cultivate morels

The surrounding conspiracy 

Challenge to add more wild ingredients to wild game meals

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