Antler and Fin: Deer and Beer Pie

Read the written version of this recipe as prepared by Justin Townsend, Editor-in-Chief at Harvesting Nature

I once laid over in London while traveling to Morocco and spent the night in a lovely cottage that had an amazing pub downstairs. It was something you have seen in the movies. A dark room with stone clad walls and a crackling fireplace. I am pretty sure it was lit only by candle and oil lamp. I grabbed a fresh pint of beer and sat at a table next to the fire. I squinted in the firelight as I read each menu item line by line. The one item that caught my attention was a beef and ale pie, aka pot pie or meat pie. 

I ordered the pie and happily sipped my beer staring into the abyss of the cozy tavern. Within just a few minutes the server bounced over and served me my pie. I was very happy to crack through the crispy crust and dip my spoon into the rich dark gravy beneath. As I spooned in the first bite, I was consumed by this dish. Perfectly cooked vegetables, firm but tender meat, rich hoppy gravy. I was in love and ate the whole meal without breaking for a breath. 

This dish is inspired by that moment and has hung around in my mind since that night. Feel free to use Phyllo dough or puff pastry for this meat pie. I also cooked mine on the smoker which added some smoky flavors to the entire dish. If you don’t like ale then sub a dark porter or stout. I would lean away from hoppy beers for this dish. Think rich, balanced, and comforting… more cozy British tavern and less summertime BBQ. Cheers!

Read the written version of this recipe as prepared by Justin Townsend, Editor-in-Chief at Harvesting Nature


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