Podcast: Episode 511, Keep Your Knives Sharp

Justin and Collin chat with Kyle Owens of Work Sharp Sharpeners about all things knife sharpening. They discuss types of knives, purposes of knives, keeping your knife sharp, field use, honing, The Quest, techniques and so much more!

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Special Guest:

Kyle Owens is the Community Marketing Specialist for Work Sharp Sharpeners. He is also a hunter and angler located in Oregon.  

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Show Notes:

Tenkara Fly Rod


Summer Magazine Issue

Wild Fish Spice Blend

December Wild Pig Camp

Largest Freshwater Fish Caught in Cambodia


About Worksharp

Salmon Fishing

Knife Sharpeners

Sharpener Types

Types of Knives and What to use them for

The steeper the angle, the “slicier” knife will be

15 vs 20 degree angle

Hones vs sharpers

When to hone or sharpen

Testing Sharpness

Sharpie Trick

Why are shop knives important

Get comfortable using sharp knives

Keeping Hunting Knives Sharp

Head out with a knife at a known angle

Checking the degrees of your knife


The Quest

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