Podcast: Episode 510, Thoughts on Non-Lead Ammo

Justin, Collin, and Kory chat with Leland Brown about non-lead ammunition use in hunting. They discuss the evolution of non lead ammo, aged trout, moose meat, Indian spices on waterfowl, weight loss of lead bullets, Unplanned lead impacts, X-Rayed meat, the North American Non Lead Partnership, and so much more!

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Special Guest:

Leland Brown is a hunter, angler, and conservationist. He has worked in a wide variety of conservation programs, including with endangered species, rare habitats, and managing invasive species. Currently he manages the non-lead hunting education program to improve ecosystem health through the increased use of non-lead ammunition by the hunting community.

Chris Parish is a hunter, angler, and conservationist . He is the President and CEO of The Peregrine Fund. 

Visit the Non Lead Partnership on Instagram

Visit the Peregrine Fund on Instagram

Visit the North American Non Lead Partnership nonleadpartnership.org 

Photos by North American Non Lead Partnership and Hunting with Non-Lead 

Show Notes:

Justin fishing and aging fish

Josh Niland

The Next Pig Camp

Collin drawing wyoming antelope tags

Spruce Tip bitters and douglas fir bitters

Leland didn’t get invited

Jamie Carlson

Wild Cocktails

Kory’s fishing season

The new hunting puppy

Hunting opportunities in PA

Leland Brown – Oregon Zoo Non-lead hunting education coordinator

Leland’s journey to non-lead ammo

Leland’s soft spot for Moose 

Slow cooked and strong flavors

We lost Chris

Indian spices for Oregon waterfowl

Goose wings with french’s yellow mustard

Leland’s next recipe 

North America Non-Lead Partnership origins

Weight loss of bullets

Unplanned impacts

Don’t tell me what to do 

Ravens’ blood level versus moose season

Lead exposure

Hard to find and price point 

Hevi-Shot Bismuth

Making the choice

Voting with your dollars

hauling out a gut pile in a trash bag

Lead and fishing


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