Podcast: Episode 509, Spring Foraging Tips and Recipes

Justin and Collin chat about some spring foraging tips, tactics, techniques, and recipes. They discuss Spring focused recipes, dandelion jam, wild asparagus, fishing, spruce tips, wild cocktails, grilled cheese, wild turkey recipes, and so much more!!

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Show Notes:

Spring focused recipes

Exploring new fishing spots

Denver BHA river clean up 

Tag draws

The pizza oven


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December’s wild pig camp

Harvesting Nature spice blend kit

Hank Shaw Episode

Kevin Kossowan episode

Lori McCarthy episode 

Erica Davis episode

Dandelion jam

Botulism is bad

Alan Bergo episode

Spruce tip syrup

Modern Carnivore


A wild Old Fashion


Wild asparagus

Hickory Nut and Ramp Pesto 

Prickly lettuce


Smoked trout grilled cheese

Collin’s grilled cheese

Ara Zada’s jalapeno wild turkey piccata

Turkey kiev

Resources and apps for foraging

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