Podcast: Episode 507, Shot Placement and Ammo Selection for Reducing Meat Loss

Justin chats with John McAdams, Founder of The Big Game Hunting Blog and Podcast, about all things shot placement and ammo selection. They discuss how to save meat, various calibers and cartridges, pig vs deer anatomy, kudu schnitzel, helpful resources, and so much more!

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John McAdams is a hunter, veteran, podcast host, and Founder of The Big Game Hunting Blog and Podcast. He grew up in East Texas hunting with his father and grandfather starting when he was just 3 years old. He graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point and served in the US Army for over 10 years. He later created The Big Game Hunting Blog and Podcast as a resource to give average hunters the straight scoop and help them make the most of their time afield.

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Show Notes:

Reducing meat loss with better shot placement 

Pig Camp in December

Fly fishing camp – End of July

Shit on a Shingle

Introducing John McAdams

Getting stationed in Georgia 

Fort Bliss in El Paso Texas – stepping stone to hunting the west

Texas is big

Hunting in East Texas

John’s favorite wild game

Kudu schnitzel 

What’s in John’s Freezer 

A bison hunt in Colorado

Antelope hunting in Colorado

Getting creative while antelope hunting

Big Game Hunting Blog and Podcast

Hunting forums – the good, the bad, and the ugly

Creating a helpful resource for new hunters 

3 years of podcasting

Different calibers and cartridges

John’s caliber recommendation for East Texas 

Caliber thoughts on antelope

Why is shot placement so important

Location, velocity, weight, and material

Shot placement 

Pig vs deer anatomy 

The classic 30-30

The advantage of a heavier/tougher bullet

Lead free

Don’t use a cannon

Barnes ammunition 

Downside of non-lead

John’s E-book 


The Big Game Hunting Podcast

Also, be sure to check out his list of the best gifts for hunters (which, among other things, includes our wild game blends).

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