Jalapeño Wild Turkey Piccata

Turkey season has come upon us! Not many things can rival the sound of calling and hearing those big old toms gobble back at you. We had the pleasure this season of being able to hunt not far from the coast of Morrow Bay in California and were able to bag a few gobblers to bring home to the fam. This recipe is a play on the good old chicken piccata recipe that’s super quick, easy, and doesn’t disappoint. If you’ve never had piccata, well, you’re in for a treat because when you pour the sauce over the top everyone will think you’re a five-star chef. I spiced this one up with some jalapeños and wild turkey but feel free to use any pepper or bourbon; you can also omit the peppers and just use white wine if you’d like to go the classic route. Any way you slice it, you’re bound to love this dish.