Podcast: Episode 503: Blood Tracking Game with Hounds to Save Meat

Justin chats with Lance Brantley and Heath Brown, both dog handlers and downed game trackers. They discuss the importance of blood tracking, saving meat, downed game, tracking dogs, how the environment affects tracking, the process of tracking, tips for preparing for a tracker, and so much more!

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Special Guests:

Lance Brantley: Owner of On Track K9 Deer Recovery, Dog Handler, Game Tracker

Heath Brown: Dog Handler, Game Tracker, Owner OnTrack Rocky Mountain division

Visit On Track K9 Deer Recovery on Instagram: @ontrackk9deerrecoveryservices

(719) 251-0419 – text or call Heath for your tracking needs in Colorado and Wyoming

(270) 952-2459 – text or call Lance for your Midwest tracking needs

Show Notes:

Harvesting Nature Magazine

BHA Rendezvous

Hunting camp

Big Game Blend

Introducing Heath and Lance

The formation of a friendship

Bavarian Mountain Hound

Using family dogs

Tracking downed game (not running dogs on live game)

Differences from state to state

What questions Heath asks

The difference between tracking in CO vs. KY

Why is the altitude a factor

Difference between tracking elk and deer with dogs

What’s needed to track in other states

The accountability of a tracker

The mile push

Justin’s mule deer 

Silver linings and closure 

Tracking from start to finish

When to back out

Shot placement, time, temperature, elevation – what to consider

How fast the dog works

Dry hot and windy = enemy 

Moisture is your friend

Instagram: @ontrackk9deerrecoveryservices

(719) 251-0419 – text for your tracking needs

(270) 952-2459 – text or call for your midwest tracking needs

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