Podcast: Episode 502, Harvesting Nature Magazine

Justin, Ben, and Jeff Benda discuss the ins and outs of the newly released Spring Issue of the Harvesting Nature Magazine. They discuss the layout, stories, Creamy Pheasant Pasta, Osceola Turkey Hunting, Wild Turkey Recipes, Big Game Seasoning, Winter Steelhead Fishing Tactics, and so much more!

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Show Notes:

Harvesting Nature Magazine

How it came to be

60 pages


New Field Staff Writer Program

Getting into the outdoor writing world

Why our magazine is different than the others


Telling True Stories


Sawyer Water Filters

Wild Fish Cannery


Ice Mule Coolers

Article Overview

Creamy Creole Pheasant Recipe

BHA’s Hunters for Sustainability

Turkey Hunting in Florida

Wild Turkey Kiev

Winter Steelhead Fishing Tactics

Spring Bear Tips

Wildlife Crossings

Dandelion Greens

Cottonwood Oil

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