Coffee Crusted Elk Backstrap

Want to have a date night on the town, but without the town? This coffee crusted wild game back strap with fried onion shoestrings makes for the perfect date night without having to leave the house. It presents beautifully, with the golden fried onion shoestrings piled high on a perfectly cooked steak and drizzled with a rustic, indulgent stout sauce. The only aspect better than the presentation is the taste!
Coffee grounds not only add a wonderful acidic element to a steak rub, they also act as a meat tenderizer. The coffee and mushroom rub creates a beautiful crust on the wild game back strap steaks and also helps seal in moisture, resulting in a delicate, juicy steak. The subtle grilled flavor from the coffee grinds also compliment the rich, savory flavor of the molasses stout sauce.
So, set the table because it’s date night!