Podcast: Episode 500, Wild Military Food and Finding Solace in the Outdoors

Justin chats with Trevor Hubbs, the BHA Armed Forces Initiative Coordinator. They discuss military inspired recipes, reconnecting active duty military and veterans to hunting and fishing, Ernest Hemingway, eating muskrat during lent, public lands, and so much more!

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Harvesting Nature Spice Blends: Chef Tested, Hunter Approved

Special Guests:

Trevor Hubbs grew up near the confluence of the Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio rivers. His father and two uncles taught me about their particular brand of hunting starting when he was 7. His father was a waterfowler, one uncle a houndsman, and another uncle the last quail hunter in southern Illinois. He grew up chasing raccoons and coyotes behind hounds and running a muskrat trapline starting at seven years-old. In high school, Trevor guided for game farm pheasants and public land ducks. Today, he follows his Irish Setters looking for native game birds on public land.

Check out the BHA AFI Website: https://www.backcountryhunters.org/armed_forces

Visit AFI on IG: https://www.instagram.com/bha_afi

Show Notes:

Harvesting Nature Spice Blends: Chef Tested, Hunter Approved

Harvesting Nature Magazine

BHA Rendezvous 2022


Military Service

Returning to hunting

Helping veterans reconnect to themselves

Layout of clubs

Helping Active Duty members hunt/fish as they transfer around

How to break down a moose

Veteran Outreach in each state

Military only regulations

Boundary Water Trip

Dog Sled Trip

BHA AFI Events

BHA Rendezvous 2022

Creating relationships through volunteering

Wild Turkey Cordon Bleu

Venison Slumgullion Stew

Ernest Hemingway

Roasted Pheasant With Peanut Sauce

McRib Inspiration

Fried Fish and Old Bay

Lake Trout


Poke Bowls

Eat More Invasive Species Shirt

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