Podcast: Episode 429, The Front Lines of Protecting Hunting Rights

Justin and Kory chat with Brian Lynn and Courtney Nicolson of Sportsmen’s Alliance, a national organization battling to keep your hunting, fishing, and trapping rights intact. They discuss the battle they face to protect our rights, the anti-hunting movement, state based movement to challenge hunting rights, actions taken by Sportsmen’s Alliance, getting involved, and so much more!

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Special Guests:

Brian Lynn: Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Sportsmen’s Alliance

Courtney Nicolson: Associate Director of Communications for Sportsmen’s Alliance

Visit the Sportsmen’s Alliance website: https://www.sportsmensalliance.org/

Visit the Sportsmen’s Alliance on IG: https://www.instagram.com/sportsmensall/

Show Notes:

Harvesting Nature Magazine

HN Wild Pig Hunting Skills Camp

HN Spice Blend

Freedom Hunters and the Hartstown Hunt 

Guests Brian Lynn and Courtney Nicolson From Sportsmen’s Alliance

Brian’s nearly empty freezer

Courtney’s first bear

Marshy geese

Brian growing up in Washington State

Working for ESPN Outdoors and Bass Master and Outdoor Life

Courtney’s addiction to hunting

Trying to hunt new states and species

Hunting King Eider in Alaska 

Pronghorn hunting

Grouse hunting in Maine

Sportsmen’s alliance to protect hunting, fishing, and trapping 

Back door attempts to stop hunting

The lies of anti-hunters

Why predator hunting is important

How wild game cooking contributes to SA Mission

Big issues that SA’s faces 

IP 13

How does SA keep track of all the issues

Bill dying a quiet death

Most threats to hunting rights are state based


Targeting smaller niche issues

Emotion always wins

Exciting to see the participation from everyday people

SA’s memberships

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