Podcast: Episode 428, New Tech for Food Seasons

Justin chats with Kris Chain the founder of Season Report, the modernized almanac. They discuss using the Season Report platform to have quicker, easier access to seasonal information about gardening, foraging, and hunting across the United States. This detailed website will allow you to save and access important data to increase your wild food yield. 

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Special Guests:

Kris Chain: Founder of Season Report, the modernized almanac.

Visit the Season Report Website: https://seasonreport.com/

Visit the Season Report on IG: https://www.instagram.com/myseasonreport/

Show Notes:

Harvesting Nature Magazine

Returning to wild food

Gardening plans

Black Bear

Wild Boar


How the Season Report came to be

Gardening Seasons

Unique growing zones

Walkthrough of website

Ag Extension Agents and growing information 



Paw Paw Fruit

Website Only

Season projections

Favorite features

Accessing website

Saving a bookmark on homescreen

1491 Book


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