Podcast: Episode 426, Connecting Outdoor Lovers with Outdoor Experiences

Justin and Collin chat with Murielle Gaither and John Wyman of Venku Outdoors, the leading online marketplace for outdoor experiences. They discuss the ease of booking hunting and fishing trips, the Wild+Harvested Cookbook, razor clam chowder, beaver prosciutto, frog legs, high speed mushrooming and so much more!

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Special Guests:

Murielle Gaither: Founder and CEO of Venku, the #1 site to book hunting & fishing trips across America.  

John Wyman: Co-Founder and COO of Venku and Murielle’s father

Visit Venku Website: https://venku.com/

Visit Venku on IG: https://www.instagram.com/venkuoutdoors/?hl=en

Show Notes:

Harvesting Nature Magazine

Murielle’s introduction to the outdoors 

Squirrels are having a moment

Packing out squirrels

What Venku Outdoors is

From Alaska Black Bear to frogging in Louisiana

Czech for Outdoors

Recipes section on the website

Wild+Harvested Cookbook

highlighting wild game cooks

everybody speaks food

The Intrepid Eater

Razor clam chowder recipe

Beaver ham prosciutto from Elevated Wild

Send your recipes to Venku Outdoors

Favorite Recipes from the book 

Frog legs

Bowfishing and frog gigging 

Tacos are life

Spotting mushrooms at high speed

Engage people in the outdoors 

Introduce someone to the outdoors

Share the cookbook

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