Podcast: Episode 425, Necessary Ingredients for Wild Food Cooking

Justin, Kory, and Collin chat about their favorite ingredients to have on hand to prepare any wild food dish. They discuss using the ingredients to prepare meals like antelope huevos rancheros, venison loco moco, venison barbacoa, BBQ squirrel dip, elk pot roast, mule deer carpaccio, and so much more!

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Huevos Rancheros

Loco Moco

Hank Shaw’s Venison Barbacoa 

World Famous Chipotle BBQ Squirrel Dip

Elk Pot Roast

Venison Wine Spaghetti

Searing Steaks with Mayo

Mule Deer Carpaccio

Show Notes:

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Spice Testing

Goose Gizzard Mississippi Roast 

Justin’s #1 – eggs

Colin’s #1 – panko bread crumbs

Kory’s #1 – chipotles in adobo sauce 

Justin is basic – his #2: Salt

Colin’s #2 – red wine

Kory’s #2 – lard/tallow/bacon fat

Podcast Episode 419, How to Make Wild Game Soap

Podcast Episode 312, Chewing the Fat about Wild Game Fats

Kory’s #3 – wild game stock/braising liquid

Wild Game Stock – On Demand Cooking Class

Colin’s #3 – Olive Oil

Justin’s #3 – Clarified butter/ghee

Justin’s #4 – Mayo

Kory’s #4 – Lemon/Lime Juice

Collin’s #4 – garlic powder 

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