Podcast: Episode 422, Flintlocks, Deer Drives, and Late Season Whitetail

Justin, Kory, and friends chat about late season flintlock hunting in Pennsylvania. They discuss Justin’s rocky start, winter storms, Mississippi roast recipes, deer drives, standers, pushers, misfires, malfunctions, misses, and so much more!

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Show Notes:

Listen to “Mountain Men of Pennsylvania” podcast

The uniqueness of deer drives

Standers and pushers

Red Eye out of Denver

Flying into Buffalo, NY in wintertime

License troubles before the hunt

Thanks Paul

The Best Mississippi Pot Roast

A broken gun

Learning the basics

A good omen?

The perfect conditions

Planning a deer drive

The first drive

“I’m here, it’s cold…”

Patience is a virtue

The second drive

Justin’s 1st ever shot at a deer with a flintlock

The drive across the road

Joe shoots a third time

Tony gets a shot

The last drive

The total tally

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